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new plate against X-ray unleaded XROC !!!

XRoc provides radiation protection in the health sector buildings that require it, through walls and ceilings systems.

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Summary of Benefits

1. Levels of protection against X-ray tested and certified by external laboratories
2. Acoustic insulation to airborne noise up to 57 dB (Rw)
3.- Plate high density and impact resistance
4. Cut and installs as a plate NORMAL, faster than Lead installation.
5. stable price compared to lead preciosvariables
6. Fire resistance up to EI120
7. Reaction to fire A2, s1 - d0
8. A perfect finish to any decor
9. Being 100% lead, is completely recyclable


XRoc plate 12,5x600x1800 / 2400      P.V.P. 37.00 € / sqm
Pasta Promix XRoc 20kg.                    P.V.P. 65.30 € / boat
Profiling Standard Placo
screws XRoc

This makes the perfect XRoc for radiation protection in hospitals, clinics, centrosde dentistry, veterinary clinics and any building system where protection is required against X-rays.

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